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Standing stool
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Mukava Saddle Office Bar Stool



Amoiu / Office Chair

A new way to work --- Saddle chair


  • LUMBAGO&BACK PAIN RELIEF - Riding-type sitting posture can keep your lumbar vertebra in right position and relax your muscles of shoulders and neck efficiently;compared with hunching, you can lean forward in a natural way, which can protect your nerves around lumbar vertebra from being extruded excessively, reliving your lumbago&back pain greatly.
  • BELLY FAT ACCUMULATION REDUCTION - As for traditional sitting posture, long-term blood and nutrition accumulation in belly results in belly fat accumulation, while less pressure from belly and gastrointestinal tract after changing sitting position can make digestion go more smoothly and deliver nutrients to every part of your body, so the chair can shape your body well, keeping your back, chest and hip curve perfectly.
  • KEEP A COOL HEAD - Riding-type sitting posture is beneficial to increase our deepness of breath and keep a cool head, especially for those who cerebrate frequently, which can improve the efficiency of study and work.
  • REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM PROTECTION - Long-term traditional sitting position has a bad influence in blood circulation and neurological function, which may lead genital oppression, even sexual dysfunction, while the saddle chair can help you say bye to this. The front side of the seat can be slightly adjusted up or down in about 0-13°.
  • BLOOD CIRCULATION IMPROVEMENT - The 135 degree posture between your torso and thighs can relax joints; the blood circulation improvement of lower limbs can reduce the risks of edema, cellulite and varicosity.


  • Color: Black
  • Castors Material: Nylon+Fiber/TPR
  • Seat Material: Board+Sponge
  • Backward Reclining Angle: 15°
  • The Maximum Bearing Weight: 113kg
  • Seat Dimension: 34.5*34.5*5cm
  • Overall Height: 65-84.5cm
  • Item Weight: 9.15kg
  • Package Weight: 10.4kg
  • Package Dimension: 38*21*60cm
  • Where to Use: Cement Floor; Terrazzo


  • The above data measured by labor that may be slightly deviated from the object.
  • The pictures may cause color differences due to factors such as lighting and angle.