Break the Stereotype - How to Define Pink?

What occurs to you when we talk about pink? Barbie and Disney princesses? Exquisite dress in various fashion shows? Or powerful songs sang by the female singer Pink?


Admit it or not, pink is more likely to remind people of female characters. On many occasions, warm colors have become representatives of woman, while cool colors like black and blue are symbols of man, indicating that men are calm and sober. But if you take a look at what those different colors represented in old days, you may find the big differences. Originally, pink represented man because people thought only when seeing this color they feel powerful and energetic. And blue represented woman, meaning purity and beauty. Until now, on the wedding, the tradition of having something blue for bride is still popular. So when and why that old recognition changed ? It turns out in the 1950s, some ad companies launched large-scale campaigns making pink an exclusive color for woman, followed by blue versus pink stereotype.


For example, girls are taught to be soft and subtle and should not be too strong in personality; while men are educated to be brave and strong from a young age. With this ”guidance” , they are not allowed to cry , and have to suck it up in face of difficulties so that to be a really man, otherwise they will be seen as vulnerable. The concept has gradually brought about gender inequality and discrimination towards those minority groups.


Colors for all

Colors are gorgeous and charming because they show us what possibility and diversity are. They represent life and embellish life. Each Individual can choose his own color and lend this color exclusive meaning instead of letting that meaning being bound by some inherent ideas.

As members of the community, we should better stop analyzing gender issues from two opposing sides. Description about what it is like to be a man or a woman usually starts in two sharply different ways: boys are strong/girls are gentle, boys are good at math/girls are good at art;boys are rational/girls are emotional, etc. We must set a new conversation so that both men and women can identify their own personality without feeling too "feminine" or too "masculine".


Racing Pink from IWMH


We also have some deep thinking about our products. The proportion of man playing games is higher than that of woman. People show no surprise to experienced male players but are taken back facing senior female players.

We want to deliver a message through our four pink racing chairs: there’s no boundary between gaming chairs and pink. Regardless of gender, everyone has the right to choose what they like without being judged for not being same with what the general public enjoys. If you like pink, also racing chairs, whether you are a male or a female, just choose it and leave those “somebody says” aside.

Four chairs generally use a combination of black and white powder, and the color matching does not conflict visually. Rally chairs are designed with footrests, which is more friendly to people who want to stretch their legs to relax. In addition, cotton supports on the armrest, waist and head support are caring functional design.

Break the inherent impression and define your own color.

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