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About Us

IWMH is derived from the abbreviation of Intimate warm heart which is literally our idea as a furniture brand to let customers experience the care brought by the product in their lives. From product design, material selection, manufacturing, quality inspection to transportation, we always adhere to the customer-oriented, so that the best products accompany intimately in their living and working environment. Therefore, as the earliest established sub-brand, INTIMATE WM HEART which is well known on Amazon in United KingdomFranceGermanySpain, ItalyBelgium, Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg can be regarded as an extension of IWMH. 

Since then, we have created IWMH's second sub-brand. AMOIU, which specializes in chairs and furniture as primary products will expand IWMH's product category and bring more different experiences to our users.

 IWMH chair

 We are devoted to offering kinds of excellent quality reasonable price gaming chair office chair and other office items. All the products we are selling are made by top quality material and they go through inspection.

gaming chair