Something You Haven’t Noticed about Summer

This is a controversial season. Some love it hard while some hate it. No matter how deep you enjoy or upset about this season, there’s knowledge that worth your attention.


More thinking, less doing

It might contradict with our common sense that a hot summer should have light up our energy, that blue sky and fresh air should have cleared our mind. But it turns out that dreary summer can limit our attention and energy. our thinking ability will be weakened because our brain becomes more lazy. Faith and willpower are more likely to be shaken in these good days. In a word, summer gets us lazy.


Summer Depression

The number of people who hate summer far exceeds those of who love it. Normally, winter is considered as the season that people are most likely to have mental disease. However, summer depression is more common since there is less emotional change in this season.Those who are in a bad mood may find it hard to get out of the trap of sadness.


Love appears more often in summer.

For psychological reasons, summer not only increases your temperature. Our human body will release more 5-HT in summer, which brings more pleasure and happiness. This get us into a relationship more easily. Apart from physiological reasons, summer indeed creates more opportunities for love and romance. Playing with water along the seaside, taking a bite of frozen watermelon,even wiping sweat may make you look more charming. Listen to those summer songs,you will find this season is a mix of romance and candy. Even Shakespere writes in his poem: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.


Many Life changes and unforgettable moments happen in summer.

According to the survey, more memorable things happened in summer. This may be because there are more group and outdoor activities in summer, and these activities often meet some unforgettable people and happen some unforgettable things. At the same time, batches of students officially graduated in the summer and entered the real world of society from campus, bringing tremendous changes to both the campus and the society.


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